Living with ADHD with a little help from Ritalin

About Ritalin

Some of you may now be thinking that they are going to read a testimonial written by a 12-year old. Do not worry, I am a full-grown man and I want to let as many people as possible know that ADHD is not only a condition that affects children and adolescents. In fact, some scientists say that about 12% of adults are living without ADHD, many of whom do not even know that they are suffering from this condition. I am one of the lucky ones who know what the problem is and who is getting it fixed. However, it wasn’t always like this.

I think it is an understatement of the century to say that I wasn’t good at school. I did pretty much every grade twice. However, living in a small town and being from a blue-collar family, no one even dreamt that there was something wrong with me. I was simply considered not too bright, destined to do manual jobs for the rest of my life. In fact, when I finally managed to finish high school, after years of bad grades and trouble on every corner, I even tried enrolling in the local community college.

My point of view

And the weirdest thing was that I managed. However, it went even worse than high school. I simply couldn’t sit still for more than 10 minutes, which is pretty much the prerequisite for doing anything in college.

I guess I had enough sense to give it up after no more than three months. I got a job as a night watchman at the local depot, and it was a job I could actually do. No one was around, and I could do anything I wanted, as long as I was there. I would bring a basketball with me and a BB gun for chasing off stray cats. I would keep myself busy, as there was no way I could sit still and do nothing.

In addition to this, I was never quite able to have a long relationship with the ladies. I guess no girl wants to be ignored most of the time, with her boyfriend looking around and paying as little attention as humanly possible. My life was as erratic as a life can get. I would constantly miss any appointments I had. I would have trouble organizing my life in any respect.

Ritalin for ADHD

However, I guess it was my time to catch a break. I met this guy through a friend of my sister’s who was a psychiatrist. He was a cool enough guy, and I got to talking with him. I told him my life story, mostly because we had already knocked back half a bottle of bourbon, and then he told me that it was quite possible I was suffering from ADHD, and in fact, that I have been suffering from the condition my whole life. He told me to go visit this specialist, and I did. I managed to make that appointment.

The specialist ran a dozen tests in order to rule out other conditions that might result in the same symptoms as ADHD, and when those results came back negative and when I told him about my childhood, there was no doubt anymore. I had ADHD. I have had it the whole time.

New life with Ritalin

He started me off on Ritalin, and it was the beginning of my new life.

In less than a week, I discovered that I could concentrate much better. I started paying attention, and after a while, I could sit still for hours, which had been something unheard of for me. However, the Ritalin treatment, no matter how beneficial and how crucial, was just the beginning. I had to learn stuff that resulted from my condition. I had to learn to organize my life much better. It took years, all with the help of Ritalin, without which I simply do not know how I would have made it.

Today, I am leading a normal, healthy life. I have had a girlfriend for three years now. We are thinking about getting married. I got a much better job, and I am even thinking of trying to enroll in college once more. It is difficult, but Ritalin helps greatly.

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